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ToughEnglish is an online resource that provides high quality tools to challenge and enhance your English skills. Each of our challenges is designed to test a specific area of your knowledge in this language.

Questions in English

Questions In this challenge you will be asked to answer to different questions in English in random subjects.

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Rearrange the words

RearrangeTheWords In this challenge you will find different jumbled words, which you have to rearrange to form only one possible sentence. But it would be easy if we didn't add some extra words to confuse you.

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Memorize the phrase

Countdown You have 8 seconds to remember the phrase that will be shown to you, then it will disappear and you will have to type the same phrase into the required field.

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Questions related to pictures (NEW)

Countdown You have to select the right answer to different questions about each picture that will be shown to you.

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